50% Off Everything In My Cart

50% Off Everything In My Cart

As a early Christmas bonus I have added a 50% off coupon to my shopping cart.  use coupon code “xmas” This coupon is limited to 20 uses so make sure you use it right away.  http://www.shop.anatomyofcool.com

We shipped out $1,000 in brand new awesome toys yesterday to be distributed to kids in LA Childrens Hospital by Tim Schooler’s family in memory of his grandson little Cooper.  We had some fun out toy shopping, I see why they wanted unopened toys, because I wanted to tear into them myself to play with some of them first.  :)  I hope all of you have a wonderful and happy holiday season.

I know my 2011 was very different than my 2010 here on the blog.  Life has a funny way of giving you different roads to take.  We have so much going on and are being pulled so many directions that the Bling Bling Blog has kinda suffered big time.  Next year we have big plans for Benny The Bus.  So watch for more info on him on his twitter and blog.  Benny will be going to Sync and WPPI with us this spring if all goes according to plan.  I’ve been shooting on some really cool new Serendipity Backgrounds watch their site for all the new designs.  Charity is and always be a big part of why we do what we do.  If you ever know of a photographer that is in need of some help don’t be afraid to pass on their info to us.  membership@upppa.com subject “help”

May you all have a happy and safe holiday season.







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  1. Tim Schooler says:

    Amazing, God bless you Scott for all you do, the children at Children’s Hospital will be so happy on Christmas morning!

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