Enter to win a free Senior Portrait Bling Bling Book!

Enter to win a free Senior Portrait Bling Bling Book!

Here it is the first official contest of the Bling Bling Blog!   We are giving away one free copy of the hot new senior photography book “Senior Portrait Bling Bling” a $159 value.  To enter you must comment in this post and answer three questions.  The first person to answer correctly will win, or if no one gets it right by Monday morning at 8:00 eastern I will choose the clossest answer posted first.  Only one entry per IP or email address.

Question #1  Since we are talking  jelly beans I was going to put the jelly beans in a jar and have you guess how many.  Unfortunately I ate them all so now you have to guess how many jelly beans are in my belly from this morning? (I would show you a photo of my belly but I don’t think it would help)

Question #2  What do I need to call my Dr. about?  Hint… this answer is here if you read the entire blog.

Question #3  Where am I from?  Hint this answer might be on www.spartists.com somewhere on the free side.

If you already own the book feel free to enter and donate it for a charity silent auction, because that would be a nice thing to do!!!  We are only a few days old and already we have over 100 subscribers to the blog!  Good Luck!!

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  1. Yvette Gioia says:

    1. The average bag is close to 10 oz I guess…so if you hogged most of them from the kids…78 jelly beans 2. the rash on your tush (wow that sounds bad, never thought I would write that to someone over the net!) 3. just like the rest of us…you mamma’s uterus…well I don’t mean we all came from your mamma’s uterus…we came from our own mamma’s uterus…ok you know what I mean!

  2. 1. 100
    2. rash on your butt
    3. Originally my momma’s uterus, but now I reside in Avon, Indiana.

  3. Anne Raker says:

    1. 50
    2. rash on the (|) (butt)
    3. I’d say from God, originally, and then the uterus of Shelley Seagraves Crosby… with some other stops along the way, including Highland HS and Purdue, before reaching Avon, Indiana :)

    (BTW… I now feel incredibly stalker-ish…)

  4. Scott says:

    Wow Anne is a stalker… FYI shelley is my stepmother and I’ve never been in or around her uterus.

  5. Lyn Wortham says:

    1. 89 if they were “normal” size jelly beans – 160 if they were Jelly Belly Beans

    2. The little note states you have a rash on your butt – (hope it heals soon)

    3. SPA does talk about your mamma’s uterus – I read that a few days ago. You are originally from your mamma’s uterus – but now you reside in Avon, Indiana.

  6. Jeff Haynie says:

    1. Zero Jelly Beans, they were pork-n-beans

    2. Rash on your butt.

    3. Originally my momma’s uterus, but now I reside in Avon, Indiana.

  7. Jeff Haynie says:

    On number three I meant your momma’s uterus for clarification :)

  8. melissa. says:

    1. zero – you are watching your sugars
    2. rash on your bum
    3 – uterus and then Avon, Indiana.

  9. Kevin Hoehne says:

    1. 69 Jelly Beans

    2. Rash on your bottom

    3. Momma’s uterus and now in Avon, Indiana

  10. anne harb says:

    1. one whole bag … or 132
    2. tushie rash
    3. Ya’ Momma’s uterus :)

  11. paul floyd says:

    1) 0…..as they all went down the toilet!
    2) bad case of gas and a rash:(
    3) I believe you were an overwhelmed wedding photography studio owner in Michigan (?) who got pushed over the edge by an unappreciative bride who got mad at your pregnant photographer (not your baby!) who couldn’t make it to their wedding because she was in a car wreck-and you bent over backwards to make sure they had someone there to shoot their wedding…and they still weren’t happy! So you said “screw brides” (you are so PC!) and you moved to Avon, Indiana (so you wouldn’t compete with your mentor…wow.. he has scruples) and opened a studio in one of the highest income brackets in the state (how smart is that!)…. And the rest is history!!!

    You now live about 300-500 steps from your studio…depending on how many jelly beans are in your stomach!!!!! Walking is almost as fast as your Hummer…unless you are full of beans!

    Yes, I paid attention when you were talking!

  12. Mike Turner says:

    1. all of them
    2. rash on your butt (again?)
    3. momma’s uterus

  13. 1. 80 Jelly Beans

    2. A stomache Ache

    3. Louisburg Kansas

  14. Kane Bell says:

    1. all 66 of them
    2. rash
    3. your mom’s uterus

  15. Julie Kalar says:

    1. all 74 jelly beans
    2. A rash
    3. Chicago, IL

  16. pam karlen says:

    1. you inhaled 130 jelly beans and then ate the rest of the bag.

    2. you were going to call about your rash, but then you got this terrible gut ache.

    3. you were not born….you were put on this planet by a spazed out hyperactive alien…..it is all a coverup.

    this is going to be fun Scott….you are crazy!

  17. Carol Heard says:

    1. 99 Jelly Beans
    2. Your bum rash ;)
    3. your mama’s uterus, now in Avon, Ind.

  18. Wendy Ewing says:

    1. I’m guessing only 10 jelly beans~ cause I’m sure your still dieting right?
    2. The rash on my butt *
    3. Originally my mamma’s uterus, but now Avon, Indiana *

    * by MY I mean YOUR but I’m tryin’ to be exact ..just to clarify lol! ;)

  19. Dulce says:

    love you Scott! :) (not that I am trying to sway your vote in anyway)

    1. jelly beans … hmmm… I am going to say 52
    2. rash on your butt
    3. “Originally my momma’s uterus, but now I reside in Avon, Indiana”

  20. Lisa Dillon says:

    You crack me up!

    1. 76
    2. the rash on your but
    3. Everyone knows you are Heaven sent, but I believe these days you reside in Avon, Indiana.

  21. Chris Joles says:


    1. jelly beans – No Way, you are on a diet
    2. rash on your butt
    3. “Originally my momma’s uterus, but now I reside in Avon, Indiana”

  22. 1. I think you ate 47 jelly beans.

    2. You need to call the doctor about the rash on your butt.

    3. You are currently from Avon, Indiana


  23. Cindy Gordon says:

    wow…it’s a “what’s in my gut and what’s on my butt” quiz! With mention of female internal parts thrown in just in case that wasn’t graphic enough? Gotta <3 u Scott!! haha ;)

    28 jelly beans
    bootie rash
    yo mama’s uterus

  24. Scott says:

    And the winner is….. Kevin Hoehne! Really, there is only one funny number to me! It’s my favorite number! Thanks for playing with me… :)

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