Kids we are having beans for dinner.

Kids we are having beans for dinner.

Can you imagine your kids being excited to hear you say that your having beans for dinner?  Marketing 101 tells us that maybe you shouldn’t focus on the “beans” that are for dinner, but instead maybe tell them that we are having chicken nuggets and surprise them with the beans on the plate once they arrive for dinner.  That’s not the kind of surprise that anyone wants.  I would think long and hard about the ideas behind that type of marketing where you focus on the good to hide the bad that comes with the good.  Well this isn’t 1959 advertising world anymore, so it’s time to change the rules.  Who wrote the rule book on serving dinner to kids?  Put you own spin on the traditional dinner and make it your own.  Lets give them something to look forward to and make them get excited about.  So when my kids get beans for dinner they are “Jelly Beans”.  If I had said kids we are having “Jelly” beans for dinner in the title above you would have gotten a clearer advertising message.  What’s the point of this??? I have two points I’m trying to get across.  First, make sure you’re sending a clear advertising message that needs no interpretation by the person getting the message.  Secondly,  change the rules and offer a product or service that’s loved,unexpected, unique, surprising, and breaks some rules for a change!  I gotta go we’re having my favorite “pork-n-beans” for breakfast….bacon and jelly beans yummm!

PS  Give them their vitamins in a “pill”  and for the record I still love Flintstones Vitamins!  Why they are not marketing Flintstones Vitamins” for adults I’ll never know, they are loosing out on lots of sales.  As adults we like things that bring us back to our childhood, and we like to buy vitamins.  Those are two really good reasons right there, but I guess someone thinks that adults don’t like or want kid products.  Maybe there is a sterotype that adults can’t act like kids some times.  ”Bayer Corporation”  it’s ok for you to market to us adults for “Flintstones Vitamins” because we need vitamins too and you already have an emotional bond with us!   So for now those of you that are not ready to take the step out of the vitamin closet you may continue to put your Flintstones Vitamins in the Centrum bottle so others won’t discover your “secret”

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  1. Yvette Gioia says:

    I LOVE your blog!!! The jellybeans is a great illustration to teach a good point…Thanks for bringing the fun back to the business part of photography…

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