Newspaper, is it just for puppies to pee on now?

Newspaper, is it just for puppies to pee on now?

Newspaper - Yellow pages – Tv advertising    All of those are ways that we used to advertise.  Well all of those are dying at an even faster pace for our target demographic too.  With Internet, and Tivo together are making those advertising mediums a thing of the past for us. 

Newspaper is dying a slow and painful death in general.  It’s not the most convenient way to get news, it’s hours old by the time you get it, but you have to search through it to find what interests you.  There might even be something to be said that the current global economic crisis is directly related to newspapers. :)   (That’s a joke)  But newspaper stocks are down and been falling for years, they have been offering a old outdated product, one of their main target demographic (old people) at some point pass on and their subscriptions stop.  Then with many people stopping their subscriptions they no longer get the coupons that they would take to the store and buy tons of new products and here we are with an economic slowdown….  hehe  OK it’s not newspapers fault, but had it never existed and someone invented “newspaper” today I can’t see any investors or people wanting to pay money for this service.  (Not to mention the environmental issues, I don’t want to even get into that)  

Yellow pages, well we literally get 10 phone books a year dropped off at our door, so your market share of potential clients that still use the phonebook for locating business is divided up 10 ways to Sunday, so where there used to be one book now there are many competing for the same audience.  When will the phone book and newspaper become obsolete?  When I watch any science fiction movie set in the future they are not there…ever!! (Hows that for a scientific study) It ain’t in the movies  NICE!! 

Tivo and DVR’s  A feature that allows you to “Skip through” the commercials and saves you time!  Do I need to say more…. My friends 5yr old got mad the other day when she was watching Hanna Montana and it was live and not recorded and dad couldn’t skip the commercials for her!  That’s a great example of our “future” generation reacting to old school technology. 

What does this all have do do with marketing???  Kickin’ It Old Skool might sound fun to say but if your marketing department is saying it you won’t be around for long!    We need to replace traditional advertising with something new.  And there will always bee something new that we need to keep out eye out for.  There will never again be one advertising product like the “phonebook” that there was only one of and that everyone used often!  Maybe a great marketing idea would be for the IRS to sell “inserts” for businesses to advertise in the envelope with your tax refund check… OK that would be a good one but does anyone still get a refund :)    Well that’s an idea that’s new and nontraditional.  Start paying attention to things that catch your attention and ask yourself why?  Keep a marketing journal and paste ads in, write down concepts and ideas as they come to you.  Start writing your very own “Mall Street Journal”

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