Portrait Photography Backgrounds On Sale

Portrait Photography Backgrounds On Sale

Serendipity Backgrounds, my favorite portrait photography backgrounds to shoot on! :) They are having a sale for St. Patricks Day! 17%off

Serendipity Backgrounds Photography Backgrounds and Backdrops

www.facebook.com/serendipitybackgrounds <– Click this link to get the coupon code and like their photography backgrounds company’s facebook page!

They have over 500 different and unique photography backgrounds to choose from.  Amazing designs, fresh fashion colors, and some of the easiest and best backdrops to use!

Serendipity also let me give away over $1,000 in backdrops to some very special photographers that donated some funds to our charity drive last month.  They didn’t know there was any special reward for donation but we choose some winners at random.  We raised over $3,500 for a 14 year old girl that is fighting cancer.  She is the daughter of a professional photographer.

Serendipity’s backgrounds will really make your portrait photography backgrounds stand out from your competition, their pricing is amazing and their selection is huge.

Kelly and Becky are the two most kick butt designers of photography backgrounds I know.  Kelly get to use her digital talents and Becky as you know is a rocking artist with the paintbrush!  Many of Becky’s designs are available through Serendipity Backgrounds, but not all of her designs are, like her famous “Sherry Blossom” you need to contact her at intuition backgrounds to get the hand painted one of a kind muslin photography backgrounds that she sells through intuition.

So many of my friends now use Serendipity photography backgrounds and prefer them over all of their other backgrounds that they have.   Once you start shooting on them it almost becomes and addiction!  Did you know that Kelly will also make some custom photo backdrops?  If you love one of their background designs but wish the colors were blue instead of brown, or maybe for her to change the hue a little… No problem!  She will even print a photography backdrop from your own file*

Serendipity also added their canvas photography backgrounds last month to their shopping cart!  They are another great option for professional photography backdrops.

Again, visit their facebook page for the coupon code and more sale info www.facebook.com/serendipitybackgrounds

(*some restrictions may apply on custom printed photography backgrounds)

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