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Professional Photography Marketing

Professional Photography Marketing

Our 90 day marketing plan forum is kicking ass.  many of our members have still not missed a single day.  We are now 56 days into our 90 marketing program the M90x.   It’s not just the assignments that are awesome, but the fact that there are hundreds of other ideas and twists shared by our team members.  This is a free part of membership into UPPPA.  $99 for the year and you can have access to the newest and most exciting forum, and the M90x marketing program.  Hundreds of dollars in my professional products are shared for free to members and much much more.   Our marketing members are getting displays in local business, building partnerships, #1 on google or on page 1 on google for all of their targeted searches.  Some of the assignments also have motivated our members to step out of the comfort zone that they live in every day.  They have also learned to maximize their time management skills…bigtime!!  :)   If you think you don’t have time to market, you probably don’t have you time management skills under control.  Join UPPPA today to improve many of your skills including TIME.

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  1. teri mason says:

    The M90x is amazing! Such a wealth of knowledge inside a great forum! A total bonus, and I’m so thankful I signed up! If you are on the fence, this should tip the scales – plus the 2-for-1 going on right now, it’s a no-brainer!

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