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    Helpful Tips For Your Session

    A family portrait experience can be a happy success or a complete train wreck! Here are some helpful tips to make sure that your family portrait session is a success... No arguing before you leave the house or in the car on the way here. Arriving 10 min late is way better then an argument right before you need to put on your happy face. If your son gets a drop of mustard on his shirt while eating in the car on the way, don't panic or yell at him. It's not a big deal for us to spend 5 seconds in photoshop to remove the stain. The adults might be able to fake happy, but the kids don't, and why fake it anyway? Keep everyone happy, including yourself. Don't stress over it...

  • Let Your Family Shine

    We will work hard to make your family's personal connections show through. We can customize your session to really make your family shine. Some good custom ideas are to play off of what dad or grandpa does for a living? Working with ideas like that as a theme you can create a fun family photo.

    Think about where you would like to display your family portraits. Using the color pallet of your home and decor to decide the outfit selection for your session is very important. Having everyone wear the same outfit can be nice, but similar is much better in my opinion. Neatly pressed and ironed clothing that is compforable for the kids is important. Putting a 2 year old in an itchy wool sweater and expecting them to smile is about as hard as making dad wear a dress and be happy about it.

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    Indoor, Outdoor & More

    We have some great options for indoor studio portraits, outdoor nature family photos, or we can do location session like on your family boat, at your home or in your yard. Spending a little time thinking about options to make your family portrait truly unique will help us create some amazing family heirloom art to decorate your home with.

    Don't think of family portraits as just 8x10's, 5x7's and the occasional wall portrait. We create some really beautiful custom wall art pieces with special large and different products. Gallery wrapped canvases, metal prints, albums, and even ultra modern prints on Lexan or a clear acrlic plastic surface like something you would see hanging in a contemporary luxury hotel. Call us and talk to us, and we can give you the best conversation piece in your home!

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    Is Your Memory Worth It?


    Family portrait session fees start at $200. That is for a one hour session, two outfits, indoor and or outdoor here on our property. This can include up to 8 subjects and $25 for each additional subject over the 8. Pets are welcome... But, you arrange to have a handler or person to take the pet home so they are not here for the viewing and ordering process. Our family session include multiple poses and groupings or pairing from the family. Due to our order session taking place right after the photo shoot, it really makes it convenient to do extended family photos because everyone is here already to place their orders. Collections start at $369. Complete price guides can be requested, so please feel free to contact us. We also offer a location family session fee of $350 and includes travel up to 10 miles from our location & up to 8 subjects $25 for each additional subject.