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Welcome to Picture This Photography, where high school senior pictures are our specialty.

Central Indiana Photo Studio

This webpage should be able to answer all of your questions about our high school senior picture process.  Our studio is located in central Indiana not far from Indianapolis in Avon IN.  We get high school seniors from all over the midwest choose our studio for their senior portraits.  Avon is near Brownsburg, Plainfield, Danville, Carmel, Zionsville, Mooresville, Indy and others but we are well worth the drive for your senior pictures from just about anywhere.

What makes you stand out with your senior pictures?

First of all our senior pictures are different as far as style.  Our Studio style is influenced by the fashion industry.  This means you get a more commercial look to your senior pictures.  We custom create each session specifically to cater to each clients individuality.  Do you want to win Instagram while looking like a superstar to your friends?  We can help you with that…  Picture This Photography will ask you several questions about your unique individual interests and from that will be able to create senior images that reflect that.  It is our goal to “tell your story” for your senior picture session.

Different Looks

Yes we will make you look amazing.  For girls we really recommend our professional hairstyling and makeup services. Hair and makeup will make your images stand out and look truly amazing.  Picture This Photography can offer different looks like curly hair, hair in an updo, a wet look, and even with a more natural look for a combination of looks that are all you in one session.

Industry Changing Ethics

Our studio does not over photo shop our images!  We know how to pose for the best you that make you look your best.  The posing techniques we use can pose to take off weight, and we can use lighting techniques that shave off even more weight if that’s a concern for you.   I once had a seniors mom come back in tears after her daughters session and told me that on the way home the senior told her mom that during her senior portrait session it was the first time in her life that she felt beautiful.  Wow, that’s a powerful self esteem boosting power of the senior portrait experience.  If you want to look like your own inner rockstar please give us a call.

Why is Picture This Photography such a good choice?

Scott Crosby is a major award winning high school sr picture photographer that really truly knows his craft.   He is a national speaker and has toured the country educating thousands of photographers about the art of high school senior portraits.  Scott is also an accomplished author and blogger in the photography industry.   Scott is professionally trained, passed his certification by the top professional photography industry association. Not only is he a true master of his craft, but he always continues his education, has a well earned photographic craftsman degree and has a fire and passion inside to simply make amazing senior portraits for everyone!  We eat, sleep, and live life with a level of passion that is very rare.

Passion Interrupted

Scott had a neck and back injury that caused him great pain to just simply pick up a camera and it forced him to retire at the young age of 40 while at the pinnacle of his photography career.  But after a miraculous recovery he is once again able to pick up a camera and create.   Imagine someone so passionate loosing the ability to do something he loved so much and that his entire life was focused on and loosing the ability to do it, then 4.5 years later being healed and being able to get back to it.  Scott Crosby is a very gifted photographer, and I can tell you that being given the ability to use your gift again after having it all taken away by something out of your control is very powerful.

His life is a basically a motivational story and just being around him will brighten your day.  A photographer is simply not just someone who gets paid to take pictures… No it’s so much more than that.

You have everything to gain and nothing to loose by choosing us for your senior pictures.

With our senior picture money back guarantee you have nothing to loose and everything to gain with our senior portraits.  What can you gain?  You can look like a movie star in your own movie.  We will tell the story of who you are and make you look freaking amazing.  If you want to look stunning and be the best version of you then please choose us for your senior pictures.

Another Story with a Happy Ending

We are great story tellers, and want to tell your story!  Our Studio offers the most complete and versatile photo sessions available to help you create EPIC senior pictures.  Maybe a lot of senior portrait studios say that but do they back it up with a money back guarantee?  Picture This Photography Does!  If you don’t completely love your images from your session then we will refund your session fee and you are not required to purchase anything.


For Senior Picture price info click here or call us for a more complete information.  We have convenient payment plans available and even has some special discounts for select appointments during our slower times.

Please contact us for more information, ask any questions or to book your sr photography session.  You can email us, call us, text us, or connect to us on our social media accounts below.

text or call 317 965 1730


High School Juniors wanted to be our new models for our upcoming senior photo marketing.  Juniors check out this page for more info about becoming a senior portrait model.