10 Tips For Amazing Senior Pictures

For more information on how to get the most amazing senior pictures in Indiana please read our guide.


1.   Nothing Happens By Chance – Amazing senior pictures just don’t happen by chance. Choosing the right photographer is a huge part of the equation.  So do some research and look for images that you love and that appeal to your style.

2.  Photographic Lighting – Great lighting is a key component to getting the awesome portraits you are looking for.  Can your photographer take both indoor studio portraits and outdoor pictures and both have great lighting?  With great lighting you should see into the eyes of the subjects.  Lighting can be very complicated but for a general rule if you can’t see the eyes and eye color it’s usually a concern.  3.  Clothing and Wardrobe – Outfit options can have a huge impact on the quality of your photos.  Always use a variety of styles and accessories to take your images up to the next level.4.  Locations – Choose outdoor locations that compliment your lifestyle and personal tastes.  Try to push the envelope and have the photographer go to a location that they have never shot at before or shoot at a location in a way they have never done before.  Challenge their creativity to match your desires.5.  Backgrounds and Backdrops – Backgrounds should compliment your wardrobe selections.  Color and hue matching with outfits and make your images pop.6.  BW – Black and White images added to your senior session is another way to make them stand out.  Especially when they are shot specifically to be BW images.  Yes you can simply turn any image to BW but having an artist shoot specifically for BW is a way to get the most awesome BW images.
7.  Consultation – Having a consultation with your photographer ahead of time to discuss your likes and dislikes, along with giving them some input on who you are and where you are going in life can have a dramatic effect on capturing your individual personality.8.  Hobbies and Interests – Always include your hobbies and interests into your session.  It does not have to be done cheesy it can be done in an Epic format.9.  Makeup and Hair – It’s recommended that girls have their hair and makeup done professionally for the best photos.  If you want to minimize retouching and enhance your beauty we highly recumbent this.  Especially with the video add ons it’s a must to have this done so the images and video have the same continuity.10.  Be You – No matter what y0u are the one that the senior photographs are for so make sure you choose a photographer that you can feel comfortable with.


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